How Rogue Nation come about


Standing with friends and family on either side of a driveway, we watched a hearse take an Uncle on his final ride.  Is that it?  Is that how it really ends, a slow ride in a hearse?  Within days we witnessed a family say goodbye to their sixteen-year-old daughter.  Nothing made sense that day.  The song the family chose to open the service was “All Eyez On Me” a rap song full of explicits.  We loved that they did the service their way.  Their focus was on life, not death.  Love not appearances.

Days after the funerals, we were unsettled, considering the age-old question “what is the meaning of life?”  Spontaneously we purchased a small business Rogue Nation.  The brand was created out of passion by a young man in 2015, he put everything into its conception, then a conception of a different kind changed his direction.  His wife fell pregnant, and a dream was traded for a regular pay cheque. 

We are realising it is time to give less fucks to conforming and complaining about ageing and more appreciation to how privileged we are to be getting old.

We are enjoying what we call the "grey" stage of life.  Those sweet years between mid-life and the twilight years.  Exhausted from thinking in black and white we are now comfortable with uncertainty, being wrong and not having an opinion.   We are not only accepting that we are invisible to the world, but loving the freedom that comes with that!

Symbolic of what Rogue Nation means to us, our first release is Tungsten Mens’ Rings.  Tungsten is the the world’s toughest metal; our rings scream “All Eyez On Me”, the collection is of designs that are resilient and bloody good looking.

Craig and Joanne